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Random Acts of Unkindness

MidnightSun Publishing

Distributed by NewSouth Books

"This gripping novel took me on a white-knuckled ride through an unsettling near future where nothing is quite what it seems. Vivid, exciting and wholly original, Anna Mandoki weaves a tale of obsession, compassion and choosing how to live with each other."
- Margaret Bearman, author of We Were Never Friends

In an all-too-recognisable Melbourne of the near future, the lives of three very different women become intertwined.

Emily is a researcher at the University, carrying out experiments on overcrowding in rats. Free-spirited Amala is an international student feeling the strong tug of home. Roz is a struggling photographer who has visions of the future, although she tries her best to ignore them.

When Roz foresees a terrible tragedy, she is finally driven to act. But can she turn things around once a direction has already been set? As events rapidly escalate, all three women will be pushed to their limits and forced to revisit the choices they have made.

Blue book cover Random Acts of Unkindness by Anna Mandoki

Random Acts of Unkindness is a dark and compelling novel about kindness and cruelty. More than anything, it explores the importance of human connection in an increasingly fragmented world.

Queensland Reviewers Collective

The most remarkable feature of the book is the skill with which Anna Mandoki controls the complex plot. The various characters are made real and distinct. Issues are treated with subtle power, and there is a clever balance between prophesy and current reality.

Jo Boltin

I loved this book. I couldn't put it down. It held my attention from cover to cover ... It's definitely a must read.

ANZ LitLovers

Random Acts of Unkindness is an interesting debut and I look forward to reading more by this author.

Sarah Cole

Hooked from start to finish. Well done on this one Anna Mandoki.

The Age

...That hope, in the current rash of dystopias, is unusual, and Mandoki makes it credible as well.

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